Artemia Cysts

Cyst Artemia

Artemia cyst is actually an embryo of Artemia, which is placed inside a thick shell due to unfavorable environmental conditions, and if suitable growth conditions are provided, it passes the embryonic stages and exits from the shell and completes its growth and development stages. The production system of Guarkori Aria company is of Franciscana species, which, according to the needs of our dear customers, has started importing other species in raw form, which after final processing and quality control are sold in standard packaging. This company offers its produced and processed cysts in different grades and species, including Franciscana parthenogenes and Saliana. All stages of artemia cyst processing and packaging are done using advanced equipment, including special cyst dryers and packaging machines, under the supervision of experienced experts in a completely hygienic environment. This product is used in shrimp and fish breeding centers (marine, sturgeon and ornamental) and increases survival, guarantees health and increases resistance to pathogenic agents.