what is artemia


The lake was designed and built in the early seventies by the late Mohammad Hashemi (the elder of the Hashemi family) with the aim of breeding and breeding fish. With the onset of droughts and the increase in the salinity of the underground water, fish breeding was not possible in this lake. Therefore, with the studies and investigations carried out, the owners of the farm decided in 1378, with the cooperation of domestic specialists and elite experts, to start the production and breeding of Artemia by registering a company called Desert Aquaculture at the current lake location after three years of breeding activities. Artemia and the production of more than 8 tons of cysts in 3 years, the continuation of the work was faced with problems due to the continuation of droughts, and finally, after several years of interruption in production in this farm, the tireless managers of this company, trusting in the only God and the good potential in shrimp and aquatic farming It had already been established in the country (target market), in 2013, he established Guar Kavir Aria Agriculture and Industry Company, and after conducting comprehensive studies and choosing the appropriate breeding method according to the environmental conditions of the region, with the cooperation and assistance of Rafsanjan Agriculture Jihad, With the help and support of prominent academic and executive professors of the country and the hard work of all the employees of the company, the necessary infrastructures for the industrial cultivation and production of artemia cysts and biomass in live and frozen form were created, so that based on studies and planning, the cultivated area In recent years, Artemia has increased from 30 hectares to 200 hectares in 2019, and we hope that with all the scientific abilities and experiences gained from cultivating Artemia in the last two decades in the Noug region of Rafsanjan, we will be able to provide a part of the country's need for this valuable input. and provide strategic in this region