How does using Embryo benefit you financially?

Our production aims at facilitating the use of high-quality brine shrimp cysts as a starter food for fish and shrimp larvae, as well as reducing the penetration of pathogenic bacteria and cyst shells into the feed for larvae. We are among the world pioneers to offer the smart solution for the aquaculture farmers and breeders — Embryo. For all of our customers, this is a game-changing experience, because the incubation of these cysts:

  • involves no shell separation;
  • saves time and effort;
  • benefits the farmer financially — you get 100% of quality Artemia embryos instead of 64% of quality material from dry Artemia — even the unhatched cysts with a higher energy value can be safely eaten by larvae!

How is that?

1. Consider buying 1 kg of dry Artemia cysts with an 80% hatching rate for 100$. If the incubation is successful, nauplii will hatch from 800 g of cysts - the rest 200 g of the unhatched cysts you would have to utilize. Do not forget, that 20% (120 g) of these 800 g will be comprised of empty shells.

 1000 g - 20% - 20% = 640g

RESULT: For 100$ you buy only 640 g of a quality product if you use dry Artemia cysts.

2. Consider buying 1 kg of Embryo Artemia with 80% hatching rate for 100$. Nauplii will hatch from 800 g of cysts - the rest 200 g you can safely feed to your fish as these are pure embryos, superior to nauplii in their nutritional properties. There is no shell in the product, therefore you have a pure biomass and zero waste.

1000 g - 0% - 0% = 1000g

RESULT: For 100$ you buy 1000 g of a quality product if you use Embryo Artemia -> You save 36% !